Direct Selling Edge Participant

March 9, 2017

Dear Direct Selling Edge Participant:

Thank you for your interest about the opportunities that Direct Selling Solutions offers and how to begin setting up your Compliance Department. Direct Selling Solutions can offer you a DYI option, a full-service option or a combination option for delivering our services.  We are available immediately to serve as your Director of Compliance if necessary.  What are the responsibilities of the Director of Compliance?

The Director of Compliance is responsible for several areas: helping the company reduce regulatory risk, providing essential education for executive staff and independent distributors, and providing ongoing documentation when needed. The Director insures a level of protection and security for your company that is critical for its success. The Director may be someone you promote that is already in-house.  If someone on staff is not available, I do work remotely as the Director of Compliance for some of my clients.  Some companies have not had the funds to bring on a full-time person to handle Compliance responsibilities in the beginning.

There are several ways I work with clients to help them establish their Compliance department, depending on budget and needs. First things first, let’s look at the foundation of your company’s Compliance efforts.  We will move forward from exactly where you are now.

I have written the “Compliance Management System (CMS) & Manual” which outlines how to handle both setup and ongoing Compliance-related services within a Direct Selling company. This Manual defines and describes the standard operating procedures for a Direct Selling Company’s Compliance department. The CMS Manual, together with the templates of the forms and letters provided, define the foundation for a Compliance Department and includes a job description for a Director of Compliance.

My recommendations for an initial Compliance effort for your company will be the immediate priority.

As indicated on my website, my business has been focused on Compliance for Direct Selling Companies since 1991. Over the years, I have worked with some of the finest MLM Expert Attorneys in the industry. Please visit my website at for additional information. Be sure to see what professionals say about my services in the testimonial section.

My team and I are available to get started on your Compliance efforts immediately. It is far more important during these times of industry uncertainty to get your company’s Compliance needs addressed as soon as possible.  

Please let me know how I can help.

Thank you,

Donna Marie


Donna Marie Serritella

President and Founder

Direct Selling Solutions 702-439-3138