Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring 

This tool enables businesses and organizations to view or hear the things that people write, say, believe or feel about a subject or topic. There are very large numbers of conversations that take place daily in the social sphere; we retrieve the conversations to enable businesses and organizations to listen, view, respond or engage.

-social media monitoring

-track key words/phrases, hashtags

-track locations, know where people are talking, and target certain geographical areas

-reach out to individuals directly from the software

-connect your corporate social media accounts and comment/message from one place

Crisis Management: discover issues before they get out of hand with real time monitoring of your brand’s social pulse

-Brand Awareness: Understand your customers and leverage your brand’s positioning to better reach the audiences waiting to find you

-Influencers: identifying those that are talking about you who has the biggest reach and impact in the industry

-Real-Time Engagement: actively reach and positively impact the conversations surrounding your brand and industry